- This is us -

About Us

Hi, we are Charlie & Andy,

We haven’t got round to writing anything interesting about ourselves yet; but in summary:

  • Got married in May 2016 – hence the soppy picture at the top of this page – that was us, before we got all grotty and traveller-like.
  • We decided during our wedding that it was a good time to try something new in life.
  • Andy gave up his career of 10 years, in aerospace
  • Charlie has taken a sabbatical from her job in HR
  • We’ve started a 9 month journey around the world, looking for adventure, to broaden our horizons, see things we may otherwise never get to see, and to try and figure out what the next step should be.

Follow us on our journey, tell us what you think, and we’ll try and write the odd entertaining story, take the odd nice photo, and capture some useful information about the places & post it up here.