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Print Shop Closing Down – 30% off!

I’m sorry to say that the print shop with photos from around the world for sale, will be closing down on March 21st; so we’ve put a promotion for the last month of its operation. 30% off everything with the code CLOSE30. Last chance to buy these images in print! Click here My Instagram and […]

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Melbourne BABY!

After our time was done in Sydney, we took a short flight to Melbourne (around $40 each, which was far from bad). Our accommodation was a fantastic AirBnb that a really decent guy owns (a guy called Brett – link here). We sat and got drunk with him and had a good chat; while he casually took the piss out of the Poms, and we casually took it & gave some back…

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Poms in Aus!

Countless times I have heard friends and family insist that Australia is the place for them; that they would move there in a heartbeat, and many do just that. Personally I have never really been drawn to Australia, to me it’s always beenĀ just a hot country containing an endless array of creatures that would like […]

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